May 26, 2018

About Us

What Is Cohousing?

  • Community living combining personal privacy with extensive common areas
  • Organized, planned, designed, and developed by future residents
  • 10-35 individual units designed around central common space & shared amenities
  • Originazed in Denmark (1960s), later to Canada & US (1990s)
  • 5 existing cohousing communities in Metro Vancouver (+ 5 in development)

What Isn’t Cohousing?

  • Co-op / rental / subsidized housing: typically strata-titled (like a condo unit)
  • Affordable / below market: homes cost similar to market rate, since savings in typical developments (profit & marketing) offset by higher common amenity & construction quality costs
  • A ‘quick fix’: if land purchased tomorrow, expect 3.5-4 years to move-in

‘Traditional’ Cohousing or Cohousing ‘Lite’

  • Our cohousing community will need to decide between 2 cohousing models early on
  • ‘Traditional’ Cohousing → cohousing group acts as ‘developer’ (incorporate company, acquire land, hire professionals, extensive involvement in unit & common area designs)
  • Cohousing ‘Lite’ → cohousing group partners with developer (developer acquires land, hires professionals, cohousing group has less involvement in unit & common area designs)

It Takes A Village Cohousing

We are a new cohousing group forming in East Vancouver & looking for members.
Our vision so far:

  • Low-rise ‘vertical village’ in East Vancouver (close to transit & amenities)
  • Multigenerational community (mix of young families, couples, singles)
  • 12-30 ground-oriented townhouses & apartments (studios to 4-bedrooms)
  • Extensive indoor & outdoor common areas (tailored to community design)
  • ‘Traditional’ Cohousing or Cohousing ‘Lite’ (cohousing model TBD)

Timeline & next steps

  • Come find us at Car Free Days on Main St. (June 17th) or Commercial Dr. (July 8th)!
  • We are in the very early stages of forming a cohousing group & looking for new members
  • Summer 2018: spread the word, develop core group & interested members, social events
  • Fall 2018: determine cohousing model & membership, develop community vision & values, hire professional team, select potential neighbourhoods, conduct project planning

Who should get involved?

  • We are looking for other ‘burning souls’ to form our core group of households.
  • We are looking for ‘interested observers’ who want to be kept in the loop on progress.

How can I learn more?

  • Sign up for our email
  • Attend an upcoming event, meeting, or social gathering! (we’ll update the website and the email listserv with upcoming events)